About Us

WorkerWise is an online software service company that helps employees and managers manage working time and productivity. Headquartered in Israel, WorkerWise has strategic partners in Europe, US and Asia. WorkerWise optimizes time management, ensuring better results for the businesses by increasing productivity.

What is WorkerWise?

WorkerWise is a simple and effective (Softwar as a Service) online time clock system.

It’s unique technology monitors staff activity by sending usage statistics of the employee’s computer throughout the day.

Real time reports can be produced to track project work, salary calculations and time management.

Workerwise creates transparency in working environments, helps employees and managers manage working time and assets, increases companies productivity & reduces slack, time loss and hourly expenses.

Effective working relationships will be built while protecting employee privacy. Time management will be optimized ensuring better results and increased productivity. 

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WorkerWise is the best tool for the employee:

Personal understanding of how you spend the time between projects.

Alignment of workload with your employer’s expectations.

Live communication means a timely flow of information and better working relationships.

WorkerWise also keeps your privacy:

When the employee reports that he's working, computer usage information are measured.

But when he reports that he's not working, or in break, no measurement will be taken.

In this way, the employee knows that he's monitored only when he reports that he's working.


Workerwise have helped compnaies to increase productivity&efficiency  in more than 25% !