Why You'll Love WorkerWise

The Perfect Solution for transparency & efficiency in working environments.

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    WorkerWise is built in the latest web technologies and is optimized for view from tablets, mobile phone and personal computers.

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    Worldwide Support

    Our experienced support team is available 24/7 and consists of experienced server admins, custoer support managers and developers.

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    Multiple managers and admins

    We at WorkerWise understand the need for flexibility in the structure of your company. That's why we developed WorkerWise from the ground up, with flexibility in our first priority. You can grant management permissions to your managers, and give them the tools to manage their teams.

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    Scalable Servers

    WorkerWise's servers are ready for your growth. We can support your company's growth and can handle as many users you have.

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    Real Time Reports

    The advanced report system in WorkerWise allows you to see exactly what is going on in your company, including employee timesheets, usage information, tasks performance and more.

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    We keep your privacy

    Your employees privacy is the most important thing to WorkerWise! That's why WorkerWise tracks usage statistics only on demand (when user reports that he/she is working!). When user is on a break or offline, no usage statistics is being measured!


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